Annie’s family room on a dime

Annie's family room on a dime

Boho Simplified



I get a tinge giddy when friends seek my opinion for their interior spaces as if to say ” who meouhg”….. Family living spaces should be inviting and functional,I like to pick staple pieces like the sectional and chair, in complimenting hues that will transcend time. I recently tried to get a little too creative in my family room and after two failed custom sofa’s, yes two, the neutral stock sofa fits just right {good thing Resto is super gracious when you reorder from them, lesson learned}. Add in color and style with rugs and lighting that can be switched out every so often as your style emerges. This family room has the perfect mix of effortless style {rug and drop light} with pieces that are inviting and cozy {velvet chairs and sherpa stools}. Mix in the fiddle leaf fig { I recently purchased a fabulous real fig at my local nursery} for height and a pop of color.

Artsy Etsy

Sometimes {more often than not} I feel stuck… someone has submerged my brain in valley filled with dense fog. {physically impossible, I know, but mentally possible}.

When my heart is full, I could float amidst the chaos of life, the tangle is effortless and somewhat joyful. All around me comes and goes as I dwell in a sweet spot, held captive to my good thoughts, clinging to the present, it is a beautiful thing.

As seasons of life come and go I am always looking for subtle reminders to keep me grounded and in a fog of blissful distraction from the negative that can suck my soul dry.

On a quest to find encouragement, I was amazed at how many awesome, stylish and affordable Esty shops I found. I have used Etsy on and off for years for unique gifts and party ideas but ART. YES Art…..While furnature pieces should be both functional and cohesive, art doesn’t always follow the same rules. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on gallery art {not that I ever have}, but with sites like Minted and Esty, affordable style is at your finger tips. Don’t be affraid to mix sizes and mediums, think prints next to oil painitngs next to watercolors etc …. and include a breadth of styles such as landscape, still life, graphic quotes etc. Here are a few of my favs …. The first just makes me smile….


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   Wolf Gang and Rose

xo, DD

{geesh I feel like someone is sending a a huge hug, as I write about a blissful fog I look out my window and what is covering my home and place of rest?  FOG, in the middle of summer, love you Billy}