Dawn to Dusk



Time to time the holes I keep hidden deep in my soul can drain me. We all have them, flaws, failures, disappointments, hurt, regrets.

It is a frustrating feeling because I have so much around me to be grateful for {and I am}. But the heart is a powerful muscle and no matter how much I try to ignore the slow and steady leak, it always seems to catch up to me.

In the midst of the holiday scuffle often times I feel caught up in words and tangled in my thoughts. It feels effortless to sit in the dark spaces at times, dwelling on past traditions that are no longer and a life that hasn’t quite gone exactly how I had planned.

As the tears began to water my soul I realized there should be no shame or regret in the holes of my heart, because through the holes is where the light shines in. I love, love what Jennie Allen blogged a few months ago 

“Emotions make terrible destinations but very helpful compasses”.

I am reminded that in the wrestling brings awareness and awareness brings change. For me change of heart and surrender to the life I do not control takes practice. Like playing an instrument to be sound and beautiful you must practice. The practice is what helps shift my focus to the emotions of today free from the holes of yesterday so I can sit with my compass in the quiet spaces of my heart and let the light shine in.




I am obsessed with all things Self Portrait. Soft and feminine with romantic flair, each piece is unique and will leave you feeling gorgeous.

Le Chic List



 01 – Metal Frame Upholstered Chair //  02 – Acne Studios Canada Wool Scarf //  03 – Tom Ford Beauty Lips & Boys – Addison 18 //  04 – Charlotte Tilbury Lip Magic Rejuvenating Smoothing Propolis Balm //  05 – Show Beauty Swarovski Limited Edition Pure Treatment Oil //  06 – Saint-Tropez Zip Pouch in Blush  //  07 – Edwina Ankle Boots //  08 – Byredo Eau de Parfum – Blanche //  09 – Belgrave Crescent Tuscany Tote //  10 – Iana metallic lace and stretch-tulle bodysuit //  011 – M. Gemi The Cammeo pump //  012 – Aerin Rose Body Wash  //  13 – La Mer The Cleansing Foam  // 14 – La Mer Crème de la Mer // 15 – Show Beauty Decadence Hair Fragrance // 16 – Georgette Longline Bralet


What is on your list this year?





Winter I have missed you. Crisp air, early morning chill, the sweet smell of frigid temps…..These months can be dreary at times with a surplus of bone cold temps {although in CA I really have nothing to complain about}. I find that style around this time of year can be tricky, a slim balance between cozy & warm or chic & freezing. I have been known to come home and slip into two north face jackets to warm up after a mid-day chill.

While it might be easier to bundle up, I find I can get a little too cozy in layers. With the holidays upon us slipping into leggings for the month of December never lends itself too well for denim time come spring {speaking for myself}. Somehow my leggings expand graciously and my denim magically shrinks in the invisible wash. Not to mention I have already grown tired of my ever so warm and stylish SAM jacket, it is like I have worn the same outfit the last month.

ENTER UGG styled by the one and only RACHEL ZOE. With her chic boho flair and impeccable  designer style, Zoe has teamed up with the Aussie footwear company to refine this cozy classic. The new Classic Slim Collection features the classic suede and sheepskin design yet has a much more streamlined look thanks to its thinner upper and subtle wedge.

Click through the looks, and rethink the way you look at these cozy classic. Your toes will thank you.



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xo, DD